The mobile card game for iOS and Android from Noesis and "Public Verdict" foundation
CItizen Chief
Freedom and unfreedom for two
Social projects studio Noesis and the Public Verdict Foundation* present Citizen Chief, a card game for iOS and Android about prisoners and those who guard them. Defeat a virtual opponent in an unequal battle. Find out how life works in Russian colonies. Learn to protect your rights even when you are all alone.
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  • What is this game about?
    You play as a Prisoner, you are opposed by the Head of the colony. The task of the first is to prevent the violation of their rights and make public what is happening in the colony. The task of the second is to prevent this. You exchange cards, each of which means a certain action (for example, "Contact Human Rights Defenders" for the Prisoner or "Deprive the bathhouse" for the Chief). The cards affect the numbers in the indicators indicating the available resources for the boss and the prisoner. If any of them reach critical levels, the game will end.
  • Who are the co-creators?
    Foundation "Public Verdict". Since its inception in 2004, the Foundation has been fighting against illegal violence and degrading treatment by law enforcement officials towards people in a variety of situations - at large and in prison.

    The Foundation provides free legal, informational and psychological support to those who have the courage and fortitude to restore justice and their rights. It takes years.

    Each successful case of lawyers and lawyers of the foundation is not only a sentence passed on specific violators of the law (although this is a huge victory). It is also a legal attempt to prevent the repetition of unpunished (and senseless) misconduct and new cruel human stories.
    Every year, the fund receives up to 700 applications from citizens who expect specific actions from our unique specialists and hope for the best, and the number of these applications has only been growing over the past few years, and hundreds of cases are in the production of the fund. There will be no less of them if society does not take more part in the fate of fellow citizens who have suffered from injustice, making a choice in favor of a humane law enforcement system and greater public safety. Our first mobile game is just an offer to make such a choice.

    Noesis is a social projects studio. The studio has 6 games for mobile devices and browsers on a variety of topics: from stalking to the ethics of progress, from communication with security forces to harassment. The purpose of Noesis is to tell about the main problems of society and how to solve them through games. The studio's game audience has already reached half a million. Become a part of it!
How to play?
You play as a Prisoner against the Head of the colony. Your task is to tell everyone about violations of rights. To win, Zeck must maximize publicity. The Chief's task is to spoil the Prisoner's life as much as possible. The boss wins when the health of his counterpart is at zero. If both happen at the same time, the Chief wins.
Thethe Each round, players play one action card. Cards affect health, publicity, and respect according to the values indicated on the card. The actions of Prisoner and the Chief do not directly affect each other and have no delayed consequences.

Action cards are divided into three levels. The higher the level, the stronger the card.
Respect gives you the opportunity to make a move with a vengeance. If the scale is filled to the top, then the Chief will receive a doubling token, if it is filled to the bottom - Prisoner. The respect indicator then returns to the middle. The token doubles the health and publicity (but does not double respect) on the action card for the next round.
At the beginning of each round, a random event card is played. The card does exactly what it says on the card: most often, it somehow affects the performance of action cards in this round. See below for more details on the cards.
Sometimes The Prisoner gets character cards. A character can be played on your turn instead of an action card. In each subsequent round, he will improve one of the indicators until he is fired. It is impossible to have two active characters at once: when laying out the second one, the first one will be removed from the table. The doubling token does not affect the character.
All of these card stories are made known by the Public Verdict Foundation.
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